Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, OHHC is not planning a Ukraine hosting program. Our ministry efforts there remain focused on providing material needs for the Ukrainian children in orphanages displaced due to the war. We continue to work with our Ukrainian partners to advocate for ways to resume hosting that are beneficial to the children and country of Ukraine.

We are excited to be able to offer hosting from Latvia once again! We will be welcoming a group from Latvia for 2024. Learn more here

Meet the Children

  • The children are generally between the ages of 7 and 16 (Ukraine) / 12 – 17 (Latvia)
  • They are mostly singles, with possible sibling groups
  • Sibling groups must be hosted together for traditional hosting; for the Discovery & Adventure program, children may be placed separately
  • Recommended for participation by their orphanage staff
  • Travel to the United States on a tourist visa and must return to their country on a pre-determined date at the closing of the host program
  • Are accompanied by one or more chaperones from their home countries who are their legal guardians while they are in the United States.

Although it has been our experience that some families fall in love with their host child and move forward to adopt, Open Hearts and Homes for Children is not an adoption agency, and for children from Latvia, adoption to the United States is no longer an option. Your role as a host family is to provide your host child with a safe, nurturing environment, to introduce them to family life and culture in America, and share the love of Christ with them.

Meet the Children

You can bring the mission trip home by hosting an orphaned child from Eastern Europe. Today you can make a difference, here’s the first step!