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Latvia Hosting

We are excited to be able to offer hosting from Latvia once again! We will be welcoming a group from Latvia for summer 2023. Learn more here

Pray for Ukraine

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, OHHC is not planning a Ukraine hosting program at this time. Our ministry efforts there remain focused on providing material needs for the Ukrainian children in orphanages displaced due to the war. We continue to work with our Ukrainian partners to advocate for ways to resume hosting that are beneficial to the children and country of Ukraine.
Open Hearts and Homes for Children (OHHC) is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to improving the lives of Eastern European Orphan children. Through an international hosting program, school-age Orphan children are given the chance to travel to America and experience daily life in a loving, Christian family environment. This life-changing experience has provided hundreds of institutionalized children the opportunity to make long-term caring relationships giving them some much-needed support and hope for a brighter future. Since its inception in 2010, Open Hearts and Homes for Children has coordinated over 1,600 hosting experiences for children from both Latvia and Ukraine. Learn more about OHHC