About Open Hearts and Homes for Children

Our History

Open Hearts and Homes for Children was founded in late 2010 by three couples, John & Ann Devine, Kevin & Aileen Clay and Chris & Jennifer Diehl, along with the help of Ken & Dianne Dockery from Big Family Mission.

All three couples had experience hosting and volunteering with other similar programs, but felt it was time to step out in faith to begin an organization based on the values they believed were important. Since its inception, OHHC has remained completely volunteer-based and Christian focused.

OHHC now operates in over 24 states with dozens of regional volunteers

Our Mission

OHHC provides institutionalized children with a unique vacation experience to share the love and life of a Christian family, enjoy recreational and cultural activities, and make long term caring relationships.

Open Hearts and Homes for Children (OHHC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, Christian organization consisting of volunteers  who have been touched by the plight of orphan children in Eastern Europe.  

As an international hosting program, OHHC provides orphan children with the opportunity to experience life outside of the institutional setting and develop long term, loving relationships with host families in America.  OHHC serves children from Latvia and Ukraine, matching them with American host families across the United States.