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197 ViewsWhat kind of training and support will host families receive?

Category: Training

  • Families will be asked to meet with a social worker and undergo criminal and child abuse record checks.
  • Before the children arrive, families are required to attend a host family preparation session. The session will include hosting recommendations by professionals who work with post-institutionalized children, as well as families who have hosted older children.
  • Families will be given a Profile of the Older Post-Institutionalized Child, a Child Talk language guide, and a recommended reading list.
  • While the children are here, families have access to a social worker and are paired with a "buddy" to help them with should questions arise.

172 ViewsHow does the OHHC hosting program work?

Category: Hosting

The children travel to America accompanied by an escort from the orphanage. Host families meet the kids at the airport and take them home to live as part of their family for three to four weeks. While the children are in the U.S., they interact with American kids and participate in cultural and enrichment activities. Host families provide the opportunity to experience family life to children who would otherwise never get that chance. All of the children must return to their home countries with their escorts at the end of the visit program.

141 ViewsIf I am interested in hosting or volunteering whom should I contact?

Category: Hosting

For more information contact the Volunteer Coordinator assigned to your state or region from the Out Team page.

122 ViewsWhat will the children do while they are here?

Category: Activities

In addition to vacation activities and participating in day-to-day family life, OHHC hosts several activities designed to bring children and families together. These events also give the escort an opportunity to check in with the children, and for host parents to ask questions and share their experiences.

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