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1659 ViewsWhat is the role of OHHC?


OHHC volunteers coordinate the children's visits; works with the regional government and orphanage directors in their home countries to obtain permission for the children to visit, obtain necessary background and medical information and arrange for passports, visas and travel for the children and their escorts. Here in the U.S., OHHC works with local volunteers to find host families, provide host family training and support materials, publicize the program and create a network of local resources for host families. OHHC also tries to secure donations to assist with identified orphanage needs.

1260 ViewsIf I am interested in hosting or volunteering whom should I contact?

Category: Hosting

For more information contact the Volunteer Coordinator assigned to your state or region from the Out Team page.

1257 ViewsHow does the OHHC hosting program work?

Category: Hosting

The children travel to America accompanied by an escort from the orphanage. Host families meet the kids at the airport and take them home to live as part of their family for three to four weeks. While the children are in the U.S., they interact with American kids and participate in cultural and enrichment activities. Host families provide the opportunity to experience family life to children who would otherwise never get that chance. All of the children must return to their home countries with their escorts at the end of the visit program.

1073 ViewsDo host families have to speak the child’s language?

Category: Language

Surprisingly, the language barrier is not a critical problem. Families who have hosted children say they were able to overcome communications problems quickly. The children learn much English from your family, and quickly pick up household words.

To provide additional support to our host families, OHHC provides a glossary of familiar terms in Russian, Ukrainian and Latvian. Volunteer translators will be available to interpret and help families communicate with their host child.

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