Open Hearts and Homes for Children


Open Hearts and Homes for Children was founded in late 2010 by three couples, John & Ann Devine, Kevin & Aileen Clay and Chris & Jennifer Diehl, along with the help of Ken & Dianne Dockery from Big Family Mission. All three couples had experience hosting and volunteering with other similar programs, but felt it was time to step out in faith to begin an organization based on the values they believed were important. Since its inception, OHHC has remained completely volunteer-based and Christian focused.

Kevin and Aileen Clay reside in New Hampshire where Kevin runs his own coffee business and Aileen works at a local college in student affairs. They have 9 children, including 3 adopted from Russia and 5 adopted from Ukraine. They had the opportunity to meet their adopted children through hosting experiences and feel strongly about the mission of hosting.

John and Ann Devine live in Pennsylvania where John works as manager at an engineering firm; Ann manages the family home and helps care for their grandchildren. John also serves on various committees at their church. They have six children: 3 girls by birth and 3 boys who were adopted from Russia. The Devines hosted their 3 boys prior to adoption and have a heart for serving orphans through hosting.

Chris and Jennifer Diehl live in Maryland where Chris is a regional director of an agency that serves individuals with developmental disabilities. He also serves as an elder at their church. Jennifer is a stay at home mom and homeschools their youngest daughter. The Diehls are also interim foster parents for newborns. They have 5 children, 2 of whom were adopted from Latvia. They began their hosting journey when they first hosted their oldest daughter, and enjoy helping others navigate the hosting experience.

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